“A stunning hairstyle to complement your natural beauty.”

In 1981, Akane Salon opened its doors in New Jersey as the first and only Japanese salon in the state at the time. About four years later, the store moved to New York where it continued to build on its success by amassing a loyal following of customers from all over the tri-state area.

Perhaps best known now for its casual atmosphere in which customers can relax and feel at home while entrusting their hair to talented stylists, thisbeloved establishment has become a permanent fixture of the Westchester beauty scene.

Yoshi, the owner, strongly believes that a skilled stylist must be able to see beyond the hair and the hand-picked staff at Akane Salon are a testament to his philosophy. They are specially trained, not only to evaluate the subtle characteristics of each customer’s hair, but also to consider the unique personality of the individual to sculpt a look that best accommodates his or her lifestyle. Whether it’s trendy edginess or manageable simplicity, Akane Salon is ready to fulfill all your beauty needs.

We strive to be more than just a salon to you, but to also be a part of your life.

We look forward to your next appointment with us.
Also visit us at Manish in Manhattan, and at Salon Tomo in Fort Lee, NJ